Fast food sushi? It hardly seems possible, doesn’t it? After all, a sushi restaurant is supposed to be an expensive, only-on-special-occasions kind of place, where your sushi cravings can only be sated after a week of scrimping and a half-hour of waiting on your order.

Anything that promised sushi more quickly or conveniently than that is probably going to give you the same slimy rolls you find in the supermarket, right?

Wrong! At last, there is a place where you can get quality sushi and other Japanese favorites in a fast food setting. Welcome to Sushi Kudasai, Seattle’s number one source for sushi on the go!

At Sushi Kudasai, we understand what it’s like to have a real love for sushi. When the cravings come, you don’t want to have to pay a lot. You don’t want to have to call in for reservations.

Maybe you don’t even want to have to sit down! If you come to one of our three convenient locations throughout downtown, you can have your order in your hands in a matter of minutes and be back to the office in no time!

And if you think we scrimp on the sushi, think again! We offer a wide number of selections, each one as hearty and satisfying as anything that would cost you twice the price. Try some of your favorites or some of our original creations, and chase it all with a good bowl of miso.

Our friendly and professional staff is eager to serve!