1. Prevent Free Radical

For you who don’t know what is free radical, free radical is a damage cells that is bad for our body. Why? Because free radical will attack our healthy cells. What is the cause of of this free radical? One of which is chemical substance. Human’s body is designed to accept natural substance only, but nowadays we can’t live without chemical substance. So, if chemical substance that come in to our body is over-limit, then it will damage our cells and that damaged cells called free radical.

And what is sashimi’s responsibility to prevent us from free radical? Salmon contains high level of selenium, a mineral that can help protect our body from free radical. Beside, salmon also has responsibility to reduce the risk of leukemia. So, if you want a delicious solution to prevent from free radical and prevent or cure leukemia, you can try sashimi.


  1. Protect Your Heart

As we already know, heart has important job in our body. Its like electricity resources that needed in our life, we also can’t live without heart. So, its important for us to keep our heart healthy and prevent it from heart illness and disease.

But, how? There are two ways to protect our heart, the medical way or natural way. If you are too afraid to take medicine, then you can try the natural one. And maybe some of you will think some kind of herbal plant, then maybe some of you will think, “Ah, it must be tastes bad. I don’t like bitter thing.”

No need to worry. There are some delicious foods that can protect our heart. One of which is by consuming sashimi made from salmon. As we already know, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that has a lot of health benefits for our body. One of its benefits is to protect our heart. So, if you want a delicious solution to protect your heart, you can try to eat salmon.


  1. Keep Your Digestive System Safe – Another health benefits of consuming sashimi is to protect our digestive system.


  1. Prevent From Cancer –The last but not least, another health benefits of consuming sashimi is to prevent us from cancer, such as colon, mouth, prostate, breast, stomach, kidney, etc. Based on study, salmon is a source of good fat that helps to protect our body from cancer.



Photo Credited by Sushi Kudasai 

Source: Dr. Health Benefits .com (https://drhealthbenefits.com/food-bevarages/food/seafood/health-benefits-sashimi)