What’s Nutrients in Sashimi?

And some of us may questioning, “What is health benefits of consuming sashimi?” Just like any other food made from fish, sashimi has a lot of good materials for our body. Sashimi made from fish that is rich of omega 3, such as tuna and salmon, which is good for our brain. So, sashimi can be a delicious option for you who want to stay healthy. But, can we just make it at home?

Yes, it’s really easy to make it at home and you can find sliced salmon easily. Just buy it at the nearest supermarket and you can make it at home, although sliced salmon will a little bit pricey. But, if you make it at home, you can make sure that you will consume fresh fish. So, what is the health benefits of consuming sashimi? Here are some of the health benefits of sashimi.

  1. Lot of Nutrients

Sashimi contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids which is good for our brain and health. These fatty acids will help lowering cholesterol in our bloodstream. Also, these fatty acids will help us promote good eyesight. As for brain, omega-3 fatty acids will stimulate our brain so it can work properly. Beside stimulating our brain, omega-3 fatty acids also can protect brain’s membran from inflammation Are there any other nutrients that contained inside sashimi? Yes, there are. You will find niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin B6 and B12 inside it.

  1. Lot of Proteins

It’s already proven that fish is one of good sources of proteins that is needed for our body, especially tuna and salmon. Why we need proteins for our body? Proteins will help us to grow and develop muscles in our body. Sashimi is a meal comprising a raw, fresh fish that become a good source of daily protein that our body need.

But isn’t it bad for those who want to go on diet? No, actually. Sashimi will give us proteins that we need but with lower fat and cholesterol compare to the other kind of meats.

  1. Improving Muscles

Are you an athlete? Or you want to exercise your muscle? Then sashimi is a good choice for you to help your muscle. We already knew that sashimi is rich of proteins which is has a lot of benefits for our health. One of which is to help improve our muscle. Its protein will help you improve your muscle and it has been a good choice for athletes and actors who want to build their body without getting fat.

  1. Help Boosting Child’s Brain

Just like we already know, tuna and salmon, which is the main ingredient of sashimi, contains omega-3 fatty acids that can improve our brain work. So that’s why it’s good for child’s brain. Human’s body is at development condition until adolescent stage, including brain. So that’s why its important for child to consume everything contains omega-3 fatty acids in it, whether it comes from health supplement or foods. So, if you want to help your child, brother, sister, or even yourselves boost your brain, you can try to consume sashimi.

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Photo Credited by Sushi Kudasai

Source: Dr. Health Benefits .com (https://drhealthbenefits.com/food-bevarages/food/seafood/health-benefits-sashimi)