12 Top Health Benefits of Sashimi

Who doesn’t know this food? Well, maybe some people still don’t know yet. For those who don’t know, sashimi is a traditional food comes from Japan. Sashimi is a raw fish. Well, actually you will find it still fresh on Japanese restaurant. But, just to make sure, you can dip it into salty soy sauce just to make sure it cleaned from bacteria before you eat it.

You can find sashimi at almost sushi restaurant. Usually, they serve it along with sushi. A lot of people who to like it, but there are a lot people who hate it. But for you know, it’s really healthy and good for our body because they use salmon and tuna, which are rich of omega 3. So, if you like sashimi, then you already find a fun way to stay healthy.

But, you have to take a note. Make sure sashimi that you eat made from fresh fish. Actually, it’s pretty easy to find out sashimi that we eat is fresh or not. In a fresh fish, you will not find fishy smell at all. But, if you find fishy smell on your sashimi, that means you can’t eat that sashimi.

And maybe some of you questioning, “But Japanese restaurant that have sashimi on their menu considered as at least three-star restaurant, right? Will they be so careless by putting fish that is not fresh anymore?”

Well, you’re right. Japanese restaurant that have sashimi on their menu considered at least as three-star restaurant and they will check their refrigerator regularly. But it’s okay to just make sure, right? Now, we already know a bit about sashimi. Now, we will find out its benefits for our body. Let’s find out!

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Photo Credited by Sushi Kudasai

Source: Dr. Health Benefits .com (https://drhealthbenefits.com/food-bevarages/food/seafood/health-benefits-sashimi)